1988 325v59 Jetglo

A nice young lady from Hull asked me if I would by a guitar left to her by her uncle. She sent pictures and it had had a pretty hard life It was a 1988 320 Jetglo ,complete with high gain pickups, R tailpiece and Schaller keywinds. When it arrived , I decided to give it a make over and upgrade it to a John Lennon guitar, but which model, 325c64 or 325v59. I had both the Accent and Bigsby in stock and finally decided on the V59. I know the V59 is not a completely accurate model, but its a good guitar nevertheless and the 320 was begging for conversion. It was going to need a refinsh, so at the same time the large paddle headstock and the round heel were changed to the vintage shapes before it was given new coats of black paint and lacquer.  New toasters, and a vintage spec wiring harness complete the electronics , RIC Deluxe keywinds and a new set of gold plastic and TV knobs finish it off……….



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