330/6 WT (“Paint it Black”)

Starting life as a 330/6WT, she had had a hard life when her owner sent her to us for some TLC. Along the way she had sustained a cracked neck and a cracked body (ouch!).

From about 100 yards with the sun in your eyes and without your bi-focals, her matt black “Targlo”  body looked OK.  In the cold light of day, without your “Beer Goggles”, she was a mess and needed to go to “Rehab” to get her back to the beauty she once was.

Everthing had to come off, including the paint, which revealed that she was indeed a 360/6 WT , leaving the factory with black trim. Once stripped we repaired the cracks and prepared her for a nitro refinish in white, with no clear coat to prevent any discolouration in the future that can’t be removed by buffing.

All black fittings were refurbished or replaced, including rewiring and refitting the pickups in their correct positions ,they had been reversed previously.

The pictures tell the whole story.

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