4003 2006 “Snowglo”

“Bee Geesus – It’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades”

We customised a 2006 4003 bass in April 2013 to create a unique guitar, inspired by Maurice Gibb’s refinished Rose-Morris 1999 and his lesser known white 4001 with deluxe trim.
Makes for a pretty unusual combination of Vintage meets Deluxe .
Equipped with 7.4K vintage toaster in neck position, Vintage reissue Horseshoe at the bridge.
Custom Rickysounds pickguard in White as Opal didn’t look white enough for this bass, Vintage ‘Toothgap” tailpiece and vintage control knobs.
The electronics retain the 4003 Vintage Tone selector switch for a combination of old and new sounds.
In line with the hybrid nature of this creation we painted over the binding as it looked cream in comparison with the body colour.
Pickguards for this conversion are in our Pickguards section as “4003 Vintage Half Inch”.

We put this on our original website in May 2013 and decided to call the finish “Snowglo” as previousy all white Rickenbacker guitars were called “White”  model designation “WT”.

It certainly turned some heads as Rickenbacker released a batch of 15 4003 basses in July 2013 and called them , Yes you guessed it “Snowglo”, and continue to use the term to this day.


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