325 v59 1987

“Gone To Seed”

Gone to the seed might be a really accurate way to describe this guitars condition when it was brought to us for some TLC. The owner had played in bands and it was put away in its case many years ago and left to “Develop” shall we say.
The owner wanted new strings, a set up and “The dings touching up”.
However he hadn’t noticed that amongst other things, the heel had cracked resulting in the action being about 10mm at the 12th fret, the neck had really come forward.
We offered the owner a full restoration including all necessary repairs and needless to say when he got it back, he was very very pleased.

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A complete stripdown was the first thing that had to be done and a few notable things occured on what should be a relatively staight forward job. The upper strap button wouldnt come out as it had suffered a severe clout at some time and was bent at 45degrees in the middle .The second thing was that the lower pickguard was stuck to the body with “Human Glue” (Better than Epoxy) so as she was going to have new ones it didn’t matter that what was left of the oxidised gold paint came off and stuck to the body. Once she was completely naked, her neck was glued and clamped for three days. The original finish was sanded and filled then given two coats of black nitrocellulose followed by 4 coats of clear nitro lacquer. After being left to harden for two weeks she was sanded buffed and polished to a mirror shine, deserving of a classic Rickenbacker.
All the pickups and fittings were stripped and cleaned, the open circuit center pickup was repaired and new RickySounds pickguards made to match the original TRC which wasn’t in too bad a condition.
Finally she was put back together replacing every tarnished screw, fitted with straplock strap pins, set up and now she plays very nicely with a greatly improved action.