4001 1974 “Rattle Can Grey”

I bought this bass many years ago as a 4001 Mapleglo. On arrival it turned out to be “Rattle Can Grey”. The good news was that all the important stuff was really OK for such a neglected instument. As such I decided to give this the ‘best of everything from over the years’ treatment. (Which means things I like on a Rickenbacker bass).

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Starting with great resonant maple body and neck, all what remained of the binding was removed and the body reshaped to the 4001S profile. The neck was reshaped and the fretboard painted black to match the rest of the guitar.

New Zealand Mother Of Pearl Dot markers replaced the triangle inlays. The neck pickup was replaced with a 7.4K reissue scatterwound toaster, the bridge pickup is a Hybrid reissue Horseshoe, using all the Horseshoe components except for the bobbin. A standard 4003 high gain coil assembly is used but with the flat magnet and the pole pieces removed and rare earth neodym magnets used as new pole pieces

A Black RickySounds pickguard and Genuine Rickenbacker TRC complete the look . All other hardware is original 1974.