4080 6/4 FG Re-Wire

1979 Rickenbacker 4080 with a “Bad Case Of (Not) Loving You”.
This 4080 had been subjected to really poor wiring modifications as you will see. Naturally the guitar was unreliable, losing sound, with expected crackles buzzes and hums. Check the images to see how this beautiful instrument’s wiring had been butchered and subsequuently restored by us.

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This instrument,(The one with the black pickguards) was brought to us with complaints of intermittent sound and crackling etc. So bad in fact that it couldn’t be used live as reliability was non existant.

When it was opened up, there were plenty of reasons for this. Looking at the pictures will explain a great deal . The pickup wires had been cut and extended with unscreened yellow wires, the wiring to the neck change over switch had been disconnected and twisted back in place .

We stripped out all the bad wiring and replaced it all with period correct wire, cleaned all the switch contacts and insulated all connections with heat shrink sleeving. After a full set up it was handed back to the owner who was extremely pleased with his restored wiring and the performance of his guitar.