Rickenbacker 4 Control Vintage 60’s Style Mono Harness – Made By RickySounds


Cloth covered wire 1960’s style Mono Wiring Harness for most four control guitar and bass models. Complete with output socket. Made by Rickysounds using USA manufactured controls and switches as used on the original instruments. This has the 3rd capacitor in series with the bridge pickup which reduces the bass output of that pickup. Email with your order if you require the later 2 capacitor harness. Please email your requirements, for 5 control or Stereo output combinations . Wire Colour may be Black.

Some aftermarket wiring suppliers have adopted a different layout and connected the tone capacitors to the volume controls instead of the selector switch. By doing this they have introduced a flaw which is that when a pickup is switched out of circuit, both tone controls are still connected and either will affect the connected pickup especially noticable when both volume controls are set to maximum and a muddy sound will be the result.

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