Rickenbacker Brass Nut. Wider Spaced 12 string – Designed By RickySounds


Designed to push bottom E and top E unison strings closer to edge of fretboard and make string pairs closer. Laser Cut from Brass 41.4mm wide with slots cut to match Rickysounds 10-42 Compressed Round Wound 12 string sets. All models except 660/12 and 1993 Plus.
Standard nuts are 41.4mm wide and have been for decades but you should check your existing nut to make sure that it matches, as some early models may be different due to manufacturing tolerances.
Please Note: Nuts must be sized by sanding bottom edge to ensure correct clearance between top of first fret and underside of outermost strings (Top E Unison and Bottom E) on your guitar to ensure maximum playability.

Make it black with a “Sharpie” permanent pen!

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