1963 375/6 Mapleglo

This guitar had suffered at the hands of a lunatic.He obviously had no knowledege how rare this guitar is. One of eight manufactured in this year and one of the three Mapleglo examples. We had to replace the missing pickups, we used a 1963 short magnet toaster in the neck position and two 7.4K contemporary toasters in the bridge and middle positions. The tuners are temporarily replaced by a set of Klusons (Same footprint) until a set of Van Ghents turn up as the guitar came with 5 correct and one incorrect tuner. The Accent is original and has the Accent by Paul plate attached. We have had all the butchery repaired, this was limited to the front and the pickguard which we have replaced with a Rickysounds gold guard to match the original gold TRC which we have also refurbished. The inlays are also very rare ,they are the white resin type which pre-date the later sparkle type.The fretboard side markers are red instead of the usual black

She is very resonant, the neck is slim and perfect, another sixties guitar which almost plays itself.

Marvellous …Welcome to the fold.

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