1973 4001 Mapleglo

Bought new in 1973 from ‘Dandelion’ in Huddersfield Yorkshire. This was a replacement for my first 4001 purchased in 1972 which had full width inlays but which sadly shed its fretboard at the nut.

‘Dixie’ the shop owner had 2 more 4001’s on the wall, one Jetglo,  and one Mapleglo and he offered me either, I chose this one, put it in my case and went back on tour. Six months later I stripped the guitar to clean it and under the lacquer in the control cavity is the name of a person who worked on it in the factory, the initials and surname are exacly the same as mine……….strange ……

This guitar was used by me on the album ‘Axe Victim” by Be-Bop Deluxe.

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