“Controla-Rama “, Infinite Blend 5 Control 60’s Style R.O.S. (Stereo) Harness – For 3 pickup guitars – Made By RickySounds.


Standard wiring on 3 pickup guitars allows selection of  Bridge Pickup or Middle and Neck Pickups together, or all 3 at once.

There is no option to select either the Middle or the Neck pickup on its own or select the Bridge and Neck or the Bridge and Middle pickups together.

Our new harness allows infinite selection and blend of any pickup with any other. The 5th knob allows further volume blending of the selected pickups.

The picture table shows the possble pickup selections and when a selection is made, adjustment of either volume control from fully On or Off postion will further blend the selected pickups.

Constructed using Cloth covered wire, our 1960’s style R.O.S. Wiring Harness for five control guitar models, comes complete with fitting instructions and is made in the UK by Rickysounds using USA manufactured controls and switches as used on the original instruments, and with vintage value controls. It is used in conjunction with your existing Rick O Sound Output harness.

It is a direct replcement for the original 5 control harness and retains 100% of the guitars appearance.

Please note the harness shown is for illustrative purposes and is not the harness you will receive, you will receive a “Controla-Rama” harness.

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