Stereo-Rama 2 With Vintage Tone – Black.


Following on from our Stereo-Rama Adaptor is our newly designed Stereo-Rama 2 with ‘Vintage Tone “

Specifically designed for use with Rickenbacker Stereo Equipped Guitars and Basses.

Back in the Sixties and Seventies, many Stereo Equipped Rickenbacker guitars and basses had a bass cut capacitor in series with the bridge pickup, which gave the bridge pickup less bass.

Rickenbacker re-introduced this feature on some bass guitars in 2006.

Handbuilt in England using top quality components.

Approx. 5 metres of high quality low noise cable and Neutrik jack plug.


Mono – with Normal Sound Both Pickups

Mono – with Vintage Tone on Bridge Pickup and Normal sound on Neck Pickup.

Stereo – with Normal Sound Both Pickups.

Stereo – with Vintage Tone on Bridge Pickup and Normal Sound on Neck Pickup

Route pickups to two seperate amplifiers or amplifier channels for independent control of tone and effect. With no lead connected to Neck Pickup output, the neck pickup is blended in with the bridge pickup Normal or “Vintage Tone”

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