Stereo-Rama Deluxe – Black


Following on from our Best Selling Stereo-Rama Adaptor is the newly updated Stereo-Rama DELUXE with “Auto Output Switching “

The “Stereo-Rama Deluxe” now has a professional Neutrik plug for a superb fit to your guitar or bass.

Now you can use the Stereo-Rama Deluxe as your main signal lead, using the “Ric O Sound” socket on your guitar by-passing the standard switched socket which on older guitars can be troublesome .

When you choose to direct either pickup to a second amplifier or amplifier channel to add tone or effects or get Stereo Sound, the other pickup is directed to the fixed plug output. Please see the Mode diagram by clicking on the picture.

Handbuilt in England using top quality components.

Approx. 5 metres of high quality low noise cable and Right Angle Neutrik jack plug for guitar output and straight version for amplifier input

Specifically designed for use with Rickenbacker Stereo Equipped Guitars and Basses.

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