620/12FG “Damn The Torpedoes”

“Mike Campbell’s 620/12 Look-a-Like”
After making enquiries with other dealers and having no luck, the customer called us and asked if we could make him his perfect Rickenbacker 12 string guitar.
Starting with a brand new 2013 620/12 , it was stripped down to the body and rebuilt to his own specification. Scatterwound 7.4K “Toaster” pickups, trapeze tailpiece, 12 saddle bridge, vintage knobs and vintage tuners. He specifically didn’t want gold plastic or checkerboard binding so that ruled out a simple plastic exchange on a 660/12 .
It all went together perfectly and after fitting the bridge with close spaced string pairs and a new set of Rickysounds Compressed Round wound strings, the action and intonation were set resulting in a sweet sounding and a very nice playing guitar. The vintage tuners are much lighter than the original Schallers and give the guitar a great balance . If you want to fit these to the new style headstock , you have to open out the holes slightly so the bushes can be pushed in easily by finger pressure as there is not much wood in places and forcing them into the stock holes could split the wood . (No I haven’t done that but was worried I could do.)

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Here’s what the customer has to say about his new guitar………….
“You have restored my faith in Rickenbacker and customer service. This is a jangle monster of a guitar.
Sonically speaking, unplugged It had that resonance when I first opened it in the office. I have a fair collection of guitars and a studio so I know that if it has a good sound unplugged it will be great plugged in.

Anyway, I looked at it all afternoon and picked it up in between work. Went home, had dinner, got the kids down and headed to the studio and plugged it into an old AC 15.
It was 9pm. I left at 2am.

This guitar is better than any other electric 12 string I have played. In truth I have owned a few and played many. I fell out of love with my old 330-12 but think my meddling with it in my twenties soured it. I had a lend of George replica (360/12v64) and it still sounded woolly to my ears. There is a particular gig I do when I need a 12 string. For the Jangle section I used a Yamaha Pacifica as it was more toppy and the semi acoustic nature(of the 360/12) I think takes away from it. Now I will burn the Yamaha as I am home. Back with a Ricky 12 that makes me glow. Mr. Hall needs more guys like you”.